The Sustainability of Sewing

Women cutting fabric with scissors.

Sewing is not only a fun, valuable hobby, but it also comes with many environmental benefits. By making your own clothing, you are reducing landfill waste, minimizing your contribution to labour exploitation in low-wage sweatshops, and ultimately, you can express your individuality through your unique garments.  

Below are some tips to help reduce your impact on the environment while also sewing on a budget. 

  • Reuse fabric from clothing you already own.
  • Purchase fabric from charity/thrift shops (curtains and bedding work great as fabric!).
  • Salvage buttons, zippers, and closers from old clothing.
  • Buy dead stock fabric from fabric mills or clothing brands as a sustainable alternative to buying new fabric.  
  • Use compostable, natural fibre threads.
  • Mend clothing with minor imperfections—usually holes, stains, tears—to prolong their life (visible mending makes a powerful statement about your values). 

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