Sustainable Fashion (And Other Fashion Terms)

Graphic of sustainable fashion terms and leaves in the shape of a shirt in the center.

So, sustainable fashion, what is it? Well, the term ‘sustainability’ ultimately refers to limiting environmental impacts to sustain the world in which we live in. Generally it involved three factors—environmental, social, and economical. Sustainable fashion is a movement where all the categories of sustainability are applied to the fashion industry. Below are other conscious fashion terms that fall under the umbrella term of sustainable fashion. 

  • Slow fashion: an approach to clothing production that focuses on quality over quantity and timeless pieces that will last. 
  • Eco fashion: a type of fashion focused solely on the environment and aims to limit its carbon footprint as much as possible.
  • Zero waste fashion: the practice of utilizing existing material to avoid producing textile or other material waste. 
  • Ethical fashion: encompasses the entire production process from cotton seed to the finished garment, focusing on the fair treatment of the people at every stage along the supply chain.
  • Regenerative fashion: refers to clothing made in ways that support circularity — either through the used economy by upcycling materials otherwise discarded or through the soil-to-soil cycle of regenerative agriculture.

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